Over the weekend Ron, a previous client of ours living in Brevard County, contacted us after searching online.  They were looking to refinance their current Florida mortgage to not only lower their interest rate, but to lower their remaining mortgage term. Lowering the term, as I have coached over the years, can save homeowners thousands of dollars in long term interest.   After speaking with him, I asked why he called on me, he could have called anyone.  He said, he and his wife trust me with all of their mortgage related needs.  Trust.  Wow.

As a former Boy Scout, I recall the first of the twelve scout laws; A Scout is Trustworthy.  After over 17 years and going, many Florida residents continue to depend on my services with respect to their home mortgage needs.  Whether refinancing under today’s very popular HARP 2.0 mortgage, buying a 2nd home or investment property or referring a friend looking to buy their first home; I remain truly grateful for the volume of home owners and home buyers that keep coming back for sound mortgage solutions simply because of trust.

You may not know me, but if you are looking to get answers about qualifying for any Florida mortgage program or have questions on the HARP 2.0 refinance loan; please call or text me at 407.733.6425 or ask for my mortgage perspective online.  I will provide 17 years of trusted Florida mortgage experience.  Thanks

Stephen Thaggard, NMLS 356309,  Sr Loan Officer, licensed in Florida,

Embrace Home Loans, NMLS 2184,  5500 Murrell Road Suite 201, Viera, FL 32940