Brevard County first time home buyers seeking to build their dream home have several well established home builders to consider. Maronda Homes, Adams Homes, Viera Builders and Avtec Homes, are just a few that we have worked with over the past couple of years.  Typically these new home builders allow home buyers to secure a contract on their dream home, after they have been prequalified by a local FL mortgage professional.  This can be easily accomplished with evidence of a written prequalification letter from a local Brevard County mortgage lender.  The next step, however, is the most important for most new FL home construction.

Once you have chosen the custom details that makes your new home purchase your FL dream home, the next step is the biggest in the FL mortgage loan approval process; making that appointment with or speaking with your local experienced Brevard County mortgage professional.   Your decision to choose an experienced local mortgage professional is crucial to your loan approval.  Based on the mortgage program you have chosen, the initial mortgage disclosures along with pertinent income and asset supporting documentation are reviewed.  It’s at this time, in the beginning, that it pays to have an experienced upfront mortgage professional.

Experience allows better opportunity to notice any possible red flag that may later be an issue with final underwriting and approval.  Its always better to know as early in the process as possible, exactly what the flag is and how much time may be required to resolve.  Usually minor issues can be successfully resolved during the homes construction.  Major issues such as low credit scores or high debt to income ratios, should be discussed as these may keep buyers from ever obtaining the final underwriting approval.

If you are building a new home and need a review of the mortgage options available to you or need to know if there are any red flags to resolve, contact our office at 407.733.6425.  We are always here to assist any first time buyer  to obtain their FL mortgage so they can enjoy Brevard County in their own FL dream home.

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