We believe the most popular refinance program in Florida for 2012 will be underwritten through HARP 2.0.  This program may allow a qualified homeowner to refinance their FL mortgage without the need for an appraisal!  Imagine?  Getting a conventional lower interest rate FL mortgage without having to worry about your current home value?

Before you get too excited, the first step with HARP 2.0 is to determine whether you have an eligible Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage.  Please visit FANNIE MAE LOOKUP for Fannie Mae to determine of Fannie Mae owns your FL mortgage and for those with Freddie Mac loans please visit FREDDIE MAC LOOKUP.

If you find that your current conventional FL mortgage is eligible, please do not hesitate to call 407.733.6425 or email to get prequalified and lower your mortgage payment with a lower FL fixed rate mortgage.

Stephen Thaggard, NMLS 356309,  Sr Loan Officer, licensed in Florida,

Embrace Home Loans, NMLS 2184,  485 N Keller Road, Suite 550, Maitland, FL 32751