Friends ask me sometimes what separates FL mortgage professionals when someone is searching for their next FL mortgage.  There are fewer of us in the business and we have been through every possible licensing requirement both Federal and State.  We know what we’re doing – right?  Some of us have years of experience (over 17 years for me personally) while others are just starting out.  So whats the difference?

I was recently speaking with a new  home buyer regarding qualifying for a conventional FL mortgage loan.   With excellent credit scores of slightly above 800,  and more than enough assets to meet the 20% down payment, closing costs and prepaids, this particular home buyer looked over-qualified, at first.  That is, until learning more about the tax advantages taken last year which basically reduced the amount of qualifying income,  so much, the qualifying debt ratio maximums set by Fannie Mae were greatly exceeded.  In other words – this buyer was no longer eligible based on information provided within a 5 minute conversation.

The interesting part of this story is the buyer went to a competitor who mentioned how they could approve them for the same conventional Fannie Mae loan.  In fact, he said yesterday (Friday) that once his underwriter received and reviewed all of the income documents that the loan could be approved next week.  Or denied….

FL mortgage professionals  fall under 2 categories these days.  The order takers, who will of course promise the world and let others do the qualifying later on in the process.  And the rest of us who actually take pride in what we do and keep up with current mortgage related guidelines and rack our brains out on whether someone is at least eligible to move forward.  We are upfront FL mortgage professionals and can be reached at 407.733.6425.  That’s the way business should be done, upfront.

If you have questions regarding whether you qualify for a FL mortgage to purchase your next home or to refinance a current home; please feel free to contact a true Fl mortgage professional or by calling 407.733.6425.

Stephen Thaggard, NMLS 356309,  Sr Loan Officer, licensed in Florida,

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