What does air in your tires have to do with a Florida mortgage? I remember when my wife and I decided to pull into a local automotive shop to have an automotive professional look into why the steering was tight making left and right turns. I was anticipating how much this was going to cost to repair and correct the problem. I was pleasantly surprised.

Our specialist, Bob, of Triangle Auto in Merritt Island, explained that we needed only to put more air in the front tires. That’s it! He filled the tires and didn’t charge us a dime for his time. Honesty and integrity – what a concept! They earned our trust, and we have been using them since for all of our automotive needs.

The mortgage arena works the same way. There are many occasions where it makes sense for a homeowner to refinance their current Florida mortgage loan; especially when interest rates are the lowest I have ever seen. However, there are few times when it may not seem sensible to move forward in refinancing. Remember to speak with an experienced Florida mortgage professional before jumping into refinancing your current interest and term; because a benefit must be recognized.

Thinking about refinancing your Florida mortgage? Contact me at here in Brevard County at 407.733.6425 or email Stephen Thaggard and who knows. I may say, you only need a little air in the front tires.

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