Buying your first home can be a bewildering process. But first time home buyers in Florida have some advantages over seasoned buyers, and here are some ways you can be more effective in your search for a new home:


  • Get Your Finances in Order. A good credit score and solid down payment puts you in a good spot to beat competing offers for the home you want. Check your credit report for errors at and take steps to clean it up, and save up for your down payment. The bigger, the better, but remember that there are lots of options for mortgage loans, and some (like loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration) will let you put down just three to five percent of the price.
  • Get Pre-Approved. This means a mortgage lender has reviewed your credit and income. Pre-approval gives you an advantage when the seller is in a hurry and needs to close quickly.
  • Use an Agent. You’re new to this process, so a good real estate agent can be essential to guiding you through mortgage applications, price negotiations, home inspections, and more. A good agent is an invaluable asset in finding listings that match your criteria.
  • Take Advantage of Your Flexibility. You’re not in a home now, so you don’t need to sell an existing home to buy a new home. That’s a key advantage other buyers don’t have. You can negotiate with sellers and offer to delay moving in or provide other concessions. Your real estate agent can talk to the seller’s agent to find out exactly what they need to close the deal.
  • Shop Around. Remember, you can be flexible. If you see a listing that seems overpriced, check back in a month. At that point, some sellers will take a lower offer, even if they haven’t reduced their listing price.


We’ll Work With You

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