The Sunshine State is a popular vacation destination, and many people decide to move beyond tourism to home ownership. After all, Florida has warm weather, beaches, theme parks, NASCAR, fishing, golf, and a thousand other things for people to enjoy. If you’re thinking about buying another house in Florida, your Florida mortgage professionals at Embrace Home Loans have compiled a list of things to consider:

Investment value. While real estate fluctuates in value, properties in popular vacation spots have a better chance to appreciate in value. Remember, though, there are no guarantees your second home will sell for a higher price in the future. Make sure your second home is something you will truly use and enjoy.

Tax deductions. Your second home may help you qualify for tax deductions if you don’t rent it out when you’re not using it.

Rental income. Renting your second home may help you defray your costs of ownership or even earn extra money. If you do choose to rent your home, as well as use it personally, you may be able to deduct your operating expenses. You’ll need to consult a tax professional to determine how renting your vacation home will affect your taxes.

Familiarity. If you’re planning to retire to Florida one day, a second home can help you get familiar with the area, develop friendships, and generally get a “head start” on retirement.

Convenience. If you regularly vacation in Florida, a second home simplifies travel and packing, particularly if you have things that you only use on vacation, such as scuba gear, fishing equipment, or recreational vehicles.

Remember, you’re buying a home.

Purchasing a second house is a significant commitment, so you’ll want to be just as careful as you were when buying your primary residence.


Florida has a lot to offer, but it’s also a pretty big state. You’ll want to make sure your property is near the areas you value most. Also, how far are you from your primary residence? How difficult will it be for you to fly or drive to your second home? Excessive travel time could mean less visits to your vacation home.


A second home is more than just another monthly mortgage payment. You’ll have home maintenance, upgrades or renovations, utilities, and other expenses. You may need furniture, appliances, window treatments, flooring, or other furnishings. If it’s a single-family home, you may have to hire a lawn care company while you’re away.

Go local.

If you’re thinking about a second home in Florida, an experienced Florida mortgage professional can help you get the right financing. At Embrace Home Loans, we’re experts in the Florida real estate market. Let us help you finance your vacation home by calling 800-333-3004 ext. 3560.