With over 17 years of Florida mortgage loan origination’s under my belt, I sometimes get too caught up with work, and forget the fun.  I truly love sharing my professional experience to assist any home buyer whether for the seasoned investor, a qualified 2nd home or vacation home buyer, or the inexperienced first time home buyer.  Recently a previous client called asking me is there any fun left in what I do as a FL  mortgage professional.  The fun is simple.  I am responsible for making sure buyers know their mortgage options upfront before securing their new home.  Sharing my mortgage loan experience with others is fun and rewarding.

A great example would be when a first time home buyer believes an FHA home loan is the only mortgage option available.  This may not be true, especially if the buyer is a Veteran and can use his or her VA Entitlement.  That can save them the 3.5% required down payment and the monthly payment is much lower as there is no mortgage insurance with a VA home loan.

Discussing all mortgage options and product guidelines with home buyers is essential when purchasing a new home here in Florida.  Empowering home buying decisions by sharing my fresh upfront  mortgage perspective, continues to save buyers money and time.  And it’s truly simply fun.  Buying a new home?  Call 407.733.6425 or contact me, Stephen Thaggard and I’ll show my perspective in FL mortgage loans.  Buying a home and getting a mortgage should be fun, I’ll show you how.

Stephen Thaggard, NMLS 356309,  Sr Loan Officer, licensed in Florida,

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