Loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) have specific loan limits that are reviewed and reset each year, using a formula based on median home sale prices in a specific county. The objective is to allow conventional FHA loan borrowers to afford a moderately priced home in a county, based on the median home sale price.

  • Loan Limits: The loan limits can vary significantly from county to county in Florida. FHA’s maximum single-family loan limit for high-cost metropolitan areas remains the same as 2014 at $625,000. Its minimum loan limit also remains unchanged, at $271,050. The loan limits also vary based on the number of units for the property, from single-family homes, to two-family units, like duplexes, and so on.
  • Find Your Limit: No Florida county is considered a high-cost metropolitan area. Loan limits in Florida range from the minimum loan limit of $271,050 to a high of $529,000 for a single-family home in Monroe County. Specific limits for your county can be found at
  • Advantages of FHA Loans: FHA loans have many advantages. They are typically easier to qualify for even if you don’t have spotless credit and require a low down payment. FHA loans are also assumable, so if you decide to sell your home, another buyer may be able to assume the loan you have.
  • Maxing Out: Remember, even though FHA offers a maximum loan value in your area, you may not qualify for that large a loan. FHA loans have income, credit, and debt-to-income requirements, and all those will affect the amount you can borrow through an FHA mortgage. In addition, the home you’re purchasing must meet certain minimum standards.

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The good news is that, in general, FHA loan limits in Florida are higher than the current median sale prices, so there’s a good chance you can get that home you’ve been wanting. Remember, though, that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reviews and adjusts loan limits each year, so the limits may change in 2016, going upward or downward. If considering conventional FHA loans, and the limits are right for you now, you may not want to wait. Contact us today at 407-733-6425. We can answer your questions about FHA loan limits for 2015, and help you understand if an FHA loan is right for you.


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